/Being able to diagnose patients accurately is vital in any medical field. Likewise, an experienced dentist should be able to quickly and correctly identify what is wrong with a patient and how to treat them. This is called diagnostic dentistry. Excellent preventative dentistry allows dentists to see problems even before they develop. This is why having reliable diagnostic dentistry services is so important.

Columbia Smiles is a diagnostic dentist office that residents of Howard County have turned to for the past 35 years. Our team of dedicated, experienced professionals can provide care for all of your unique dental needs. These include preventative care and even emergency dental services. When you require diagnostic dentistry services in Columbia, Maryland, visit our conveniently located office

What Are Diagnostic Dentistry Services?

A skilled, experienced dentist will be able to see not just current oral health issues but anticipate potential future problems as well. Diagnostic dentistry involves coming up with a treatment plan while also utilizing preventative care. While good oral hygiene habits are important, regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist can ensure that no severe problems take root.

Our dentist Dr. Michael Hsu has years of experience in diagnosing dental problems. He can also quickly come up with an effective treatment plan for your specific needs. However, being proactive in your oral health is important. Maintain good habits, schedule regular cleanings, and communicate with our professional staff about any issues you’re experiencing. Problems such as weakened or worn teeth, gum disease, fillings or veneers that need to be replaced, and shifting palates can be anticipated with regular visits. Before you develop serious problems, get ahead of your oral health with diagnostic dentistry. And at Columbia Smiles, you’ll find a dental practice that cares for you holistically and wants to work with you to prevent issues.

Columbia Smiles Offers Diagnostic Dentistry in Columbia, Maryland

From your first call to Columbia Smiles, we hope you feel the difference our caring, competent team makes. Though the experience of visiting the dentist can cause discomfort for some people, we have worked hard to make our office welcoming. Our friendly front office faces, talented dental hygienists and assistants, and caring dentists are all committed to making your experience a pleasant one. We want to not only make you feel at ease but help you stay healthy as well.

Welcome to a different dental experience at Columbia Smiles.

As an award-winning dentist practice, we pride ourselves on the care we provide and the results we produce. Our focus on customer care makes us stand out. Additionally, our diagnostic dentistry services allow our dentists to foresee a shifting palate, teeth that are coming in incorrectly, the early signs of gum disease, and many other dental issues before they arise. Before these warning signs become serious problems, our professionals will come up with a treatment plan. Find out why Howard County trusts us with their smiles by contacting us today.

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If you’re looking to make your oral health a priority, reach out to Columbia Smiles today. We’re always excited to bring on new patients who want to care for their smiles. Also, finding a quality dentist is an important step in building healthy habits. Let Columbia Smiles show you a comfortable dentist experience with our skilled, caring staff of professionals.

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