Dental therapy has expanded over the years to take on many unique care options. For example, laser dental procedures in Columbia, Maryland, can manage a surprising array of issues. Columbia Smiles can provide this type of care for our patients. Here’s what you need to know about this treatment.

Benefits of Laser Dental Procedures Columbia Maryland

At Columbia Smiles, we provide a broad array of different treatment options. Laser therapy is just one of our most popular options. This high-tech care procedure is designed to manage many various problems in a focused and productive way. A few of the ways that it can help your overall oral health include how it:


  • Enhances wound healing – Laser therapy can help to heal many types of oral wounds
  • Boosts disinfection – Destroy bacteria, plaque, and other issues that plague your teeth
  • Contours the gums – Change the shape of your gums around your teeth
  • Helps orthodontic care – Removal of the gum tissue over teeth that cannot erupt
  • Removal of excess unhealthy gum tissue and minor tissue growths

These benefits make laser dental procedures at Columbia Smiles in Columbia, Maryland, beneficial for your dental health. There are many different laser options for your needs. Therefore, understanding the various laser types can ensure that you receive the best care that you need for your overall dental health. Just as importantly, it ensures you and our team are on the same page.

Types of Laser Dental Procedures

When choosing the types of lasers to manage your oral health, dentists must first diagnose your potential issues or problems. Once they have an idea of what is affecting your teeth and gums, they can utilize a proper laser type. Each managing different elements of your oral health in a multitude of different ways.

For example, Diode and Co2 lasers can help with many oral lesions, manage ablation in soft tissues, and eliminate necrotic or dead tissues. YAG lasers help with root canal therapy and destroy pathogenic microorganisms throughout the mouth, while YSGG can help with enamel etching and cavity treatment preparation. Columbia, Maryland based, Columbia Smiles only utilizes a Diode laser, however, we can help you better understand the other laser dental procedures as well by having you set up a consultation appointment with us.

How We at Columbia Smiles Can Help

If you are interested in evaluating your overall dental health, including Diode laser dental procedures, we can help. Columbia Smiles has many years of experience providing high-quality Diode laser therapy. Our dental professionals have also been trained to manage a broad array of unique treatments that can help your overall dental health. Just a few benefits that we provide over our patients include:

  • A focus on general hygienic care that keeps your gum and teeth strong
  • Skillful cosmetic care that helps enhance your overall smile
  • A gentle and non-threatening environment
  • An understanding of the potential anxiety with an emphasis on listening to each person’s concerns
  • A seasoned team, trained to work with a broad array of patients

These advantages are all part of why we have been honored with the Howard County Best Dental Practice distinction many times over the last 35 years. We are thankful to our patients and their votes of confidence and trust in our practice. we continue to encourage new patient referrals. With our help, you can not only get excellent dental care, but also our commitment to your overall health. we’ve won the best in practice over the last 35 years.

We’re not sharing this information to boast but to alleviate any concerns our potential new clients may have about us. With our help, you can not only get excellent laser dental procedures in Columbia, Maryland, but also protect your overall health in ways that other treatments cannot.

Contact Us to Learn More

If laser dental procedures in Columbia, Maryland, sound beneficial to you, please call 410.690.4855, or contact us online today to learn more. Our team, led by Dr. Michael Hsu, will take the time to assess the overall state of your dental health. Then, we can discuss your options and prescribe a laser treatment plan you may need. Contact us today to learn more about these procedures.