/Different dental problems require different solutions. An experienced dentist will be able to tell you if dental veneers will solve your oral health issues. For example, veneers can fix broken or worn down teeth, cover discoloration, and fill in gaps between teeth. And if you are looking for dental veneers in Columbia, Maryland, Columbia Smiles, we can craft high-quality veneers that protect your oral health and give you a beautiful, confidence-boosting smile.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made covers that adhere to the front of teeth. Made of either porcelain or resin, veneers can change the size, shape, and color of teeth. For this reason, placing veneers over your teeth is a relatively straightforward procedure to make changes to your smile’s appearance. But veneers aren’t only used for aesthetic purposes — they can also strengthen worn, weakened, or cracked teeth. At Columbia Smiles, we know that veneers have many unique advantages over other dental treatments and procedures and can be beneficial for an array of issues. A few reasons why people choose dental veneers:

  • Minimally invasive – Non-surgical process that can be completed in just a couple visits
  • Preventative care – Veneers create a shield against plaque and other bacteria that decay teeth
  • Natural-looking finish – Both porcelain and resin veneers look natural and bright
  • Easily tolerated – Veneers rarely cause gum irritation
  • Stain-resistant – Many kinds of veneers resist stains to help keep teeth whiter for longer
  • Color selection – People can choose the color of the veneer to match their regular teeth

Veneers can be an excellent choice for many people. They typically don’t take a long time to install and can last for years with proper maintenance. If you want to look into dental veneers in Columbia, Maryland, talk to the professionals at Columbia Smiles about whether veneers are for you. Finally, learn about the different types of veneers and why they might help you achieve the smile you want.

Types of Veneers Available

When getting dental veneers at Columbia Smiles, you have two different options: porcelain and composite resin veneers. Each has distinct advantages, and your dentist can help you learn which option is best for you.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin covers that adhere to the front of your teeth. After removing a small amount of your original tooth, your dentist can create a mold of the teeth receiving veneers. From this mold, a dental laboratory will fabricate porcelain veneers for your unique smile. If necessary, your dentist can provide you with temporary veneers during this time. These allow you to get used to having veneers while you wait for the custom-made ones to be ready. Finally, your dentist will place your unique veneers on the prepared teeth. Porcelain veneers are long-lasting, strong, and can be fabricated in a variety of shades.

Composite Resin Veneers

While the preparation for composite resin veneers is similar to the process for porcelain veneers, composite veneers are crafted by your dentist and applied directly to the tooth. Your dentist can add composite as needed to build the tooth up to the right shape and size. Usually, these take just a single appointment to apply and are often less expensive than their porcelain counterparts. However, they are not quite as durable as porcelain veneers, though they are easier to repair.

Dental Veneers in Columbia, MD

If you are interested in dental veneers in Columbia, Maryland, we can help. At Columbia Smiles, we have years of experience fitting our clients with high-quality veneers. We strive to provide compassionate care in a comfortable environment. Going to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for some, but our staff is ready to answer your questions and alleviate your fears. We’ll talk you through every step of the process.

Just as importantly, we strive to ensure that we get your care right. We want to ensure that you leave our practice with healthy teeth and a smile you love. Finally, with the help of our dedicated and caring professionals, you can get the dental veneers that you need to keep your teeth in great shape for years to come.

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