Man looking at teeth in small mirror after dental fillings columbia mdAt Columbia Smiles, we understand that you might be uncomfortable with the idea of having a cavity filled. We provide dental care to meet all of your needs. When you are nervous about cavity fillings in Columbia, Maryland, we are ready to ease your fears and give you the dental care you deserve.

We cater to the needs of dental patients of all ages with a gentle, professional approach. Dental fillings are done to prevent the decay from spreading further. This reduces the chance of your tooth getting infected, and can prevent the loss of your tooth because of significant decay.

What to Expect During Cavity Fillings in Columbia, Maryland

Dental fillings don’t have to be painful. When you are in need of a dental fillings dentist in Columbia, Maryland, we are ready to take care of your cavities. You can expect to be in a comfortable position, and you can ask questions if you have them. You will be treated with dignity, and you can express your fears of getting a cavity filled. During a cavity filling, you can expect:

  • Professional care that is focused on your comfort
  • Gentle dentistry that takes care of your cavity without significant pain
  • The process to be explained to you to prevent surprises
  • Your tooth to be restored with the cavity removed

Dental fillings are common in routine dentistry. If you are nervous, talk to your dentist about your fears. There’s no need to feel stressed at the dentist. Gentle dentistry is designed for patients of all ages who have had a bad experience, or simply have a fear of sitting in the dental chair. It is common to have a fear of the dentist, and our goal is to give you the treatment you need to restore your tooth without pain or discomfort.

How Dental Fillings Are Done

The first step in any dental filling process is to use a numbing agent to numb your gums and mouth so that you don’t feel anything during the procedure. Your dentist will use a mild numbing agent on your gum so that any additional numbing needed for your gums and jaw isn’t painful. Once the area that needs a filling is numb, your dentist will:

  • Use either a drill or laser to remove any part of your tooth that is decayed
  • Clean out the area to make sure all decay is removed
  • Fill in the tooth using a composite material
  • Test the bite of your new tooth and shape the area as necessary

Dental fillings are not supposed to be painful. When you visit the dentist in Columbia, Maryland to have a cavity filled, you can expect to be treated with compassion. If you have fears, let your dentist know. Dental care done with your fears in mind doesn’t mean you are treated like a pediatric patient. If you need someone with you to make the procedure easier, bring a friend with you. It’s a common problem, and it is not worth skipping dental care because of your fears. Get the treatment you need, in a professional, compassionate setting.

Visit Your Dental Fillings Dentist in Columbia, Maryland

If you need dental fillings in Columbia, Maryland, it’s time to connect with Columbia Smiles. We provide cavity fillings, cosmetic work, and general dental hygiene services for patients of all ages in Columbia and the surrounding area. Contact us online or call us at 410.690.4855 and set up your appointment. When you have dental pain because of a cavity, get the dental treatment you deserve.